Erika Alejandra Conti González

Undegraduate student

During my studies, I developed a special interest in entomology. I currently work with ants in the urban areas of Guanajuato city. During 2016, I had the opportunity to be part of the ADMAC project (Ant Diversity of the Meso American Corridor) sampling leaf litter ants in the forests of Veracruz and Oaxaca alongside Drs. J. Longino and M. Branstatter. I have also been involved in projects comparing methods for extraction of plant genomic DNA, and have experience working with beetles and nematodes.


Universidad de Guanajuato

BS. Biología Experimental (2012-2016)


Ants in urban environments

Purification of genomic DNA from Graviola mexicana (Annona muricata)