Lab Members

Milan Janda PhD.
Researcher CONACYT
Researcher CONACYT, Laboratorio Nacional de Análisis y Síntesis Ecológica, ENES, UNAM and Biology Center, Academy of Sciences of the Czech...
Dr. Madai Rosas Mejía
Doctorate in Ecology and Management of Natural Resources. Instituto de Ecología Aplicada. Universidad Autónoma de Tamaulipas. 2015. Masters in...
M.Sc. Mario Josué Aguilar Méndez
Dr.Sc., Biology (in progress), Universidad de Guanajuato. Ms. Sc., Use, Management and Preservation of Natural Resources, B.S., Centro de...
M.Sc. Fatima Magdalena Sandoval Becerra
Ph.D. candidate
2019. Dr. Sc. in Ecology and Natural Resource Management from Universidad Autónoma de Tamaulipas (in process)
M.Sc. Oscar Perez Flores
Ph.D. candidate
2019 Ph.D. in process. Laboratory of Molecular Ecology & Biodiversity, ENES-Morelia, National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).
Biol. Efrain Jesus Carillo
masters student
I’m interested in ecological roles of ants in ecosystem.
Biol. Fernando Diaz
masters student
Biol. Fernando Diaz masters candidate I have a great interest in the evolution and conservation of organisms and habitats. I'm currently a Ms. Sc...
Vanessa Izaguirre Toriz
undergraduate student
I like to address topics of evolution, genetics and conservation. I am particularly interested in answering questions about the demographic and...
Karen Daneb Pérez
undergraduate student
I’m interested in ecology and evolution of interactions.
Daniela Sarahí Acosta Zamora
undergraduate student
I’m interested in topics of ecology, evolution and genetics; mostly related to population genetics, demography and phylogeography.